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"Our vision is to take hundreds of children to be educated and brought up to know God and be used to bring transformation to their communities.  



We hope you will be blessed by what God is doing through Heaven on Earth Ministries here in Africa and beyond in preaching the gospel.

We are impacting and changing lives to the glory of God "Restoring hope in precious lives." We invite you to join our efforts.

Until now this ministry has planted many churches, we are doing community medical services and establishing children's education and supporting hundreds of children with education and care of the children of rural villages in Kenya.

Currently we are focusing to establish medical clinics in Buche, and Homa Bay to support the vulnerable communities with medical services and support rehabilitation programs for drug addicts and recovering addicts.

These are communities living many kilometers away from other health facilities and clinics in Western Kenya. Please join us in restoring hope and providing better life support, also provision for these children and these communities  for the glory of God. Three classrooms need to be build in Buche to provide learning facilities for the children.

Heaven on Earth Ministries is registered in Kenya as a non profit christian ministry by the Kenya Registrar of Societies. The ministry is authorised to build and provide education facilities and services to children in Kenya.

  • Church planting
  • Preach the gospel and outreach
  • Prison ministry
  • Provide medical facilities and services,
  • Children's education, support and care
  • Protect children and women rights,(gender empowerment)
  • Providing rehabilitation programs for recovering drug addicts
  • Provide care and protection to the aged and provide community training.
  • Church leadership training (mentoring and training)
  • Provide community empowerment to the vulnerable groups
  • Behaviour and attitude change programs
  • Carry out environmental conservation activitie (green projects and tree planting)

The organisation is authorised through its registration to apply to the immigration in Kenya for those who want to work or serve with the ministry in Kenya through work permits.

If you are would like to serve with this ministry in Kenya for a short time or long time, this ministry will work out to provide your working permit in Kenya as soon as you join us here.